Caravan TV

Caravan TV / Motorhome TV

Having a TV in your Caravan or Motorhome is a very personal choice, some people hate the idea of having the TV on in their caravan when they should be out and about enjoying the wide open spaces, whereas others could not possibly think of a world where they wouldn’t be able to relax at night in front of their favourite soap / sport after a day outside.

Horses for courses, but caravan tv can be confusing !

Why Avtex TV ?

Why pay for a quality Caravan Television when there does appear to be cheap alternatives on places like Ebay ?

Avtex are the brand leader in the Motorhome / Caravan market for Caravan TV / Motorhome TV models and for good reason !


Avtex televisions are designed from conception for the outdoor leisure industry. Designed to operate on 12/24v DC and 240v AC they even have an on screen low voltage alert to inform you when your battery is running low and because Avtex TV’s have an on board intelligent power supply management system you can view the condition of your leisure battery on screen from a touch of a button on the remote handset

Ease of use


As you tour from location to location ,or from country to country, you will need to re-tune your television to receive the local transmitter, a normally tiresome exercise. Avtex televisions feature AQT, a revolutionary one button tuning system that tunes, stores and orders all available television and radio stations at the touch of a button.


Quality Audio

Some cheap model TV systems that you think will be good for in your Caravan have tinny sound, no deep base tones or loud volume as found on Avtex branded TVs

Viewing Angles

Viewing angles inside the confines of a Caravan or Motorhome mean that with some cheap TVs you may be sat at too acute an angle and all you see is white screen, whereas Avtex TVs have industry leading viewing angles meaning that everyone gets to watch the TV not just those right in front of it !

Twin Tuners

The DRS Range of TVs from Avtex have built in Satellite receivers and Freeview TV Receivers meaning no additional boxes are needed, plug your TV aerial and Satellite dish both into your Avtex TV and off you go.

HD Quality Screen

The new Avtex TVs have an ever diminishing bezel with true Edge to Edge viewing now within reach and crisp clear HD Pictures. Finally with the advent of the new DRS-Pro range of Avtex TVs we now can enjoy the same functionality as we get from home with the ability watch TV,DVD or listen to the radio and simultaneously record terrestrial TV or satellite TV on any channel.